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Northumberland Credit Union

An ethical helping hand for locals who may need some support.

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Saturday 23rd December 2017


 Retrace the story of  Christmas 



Scremerston, Spittal & Tweedmouth

Christmas Services


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Saturday 17th February 2018


Food Safety Course  level 2





Cafe Trio

Coffee Morning every Thursday

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Rob Kelsey

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John Ayerst

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Ian Corsie

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Terry Harris

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The Norham Deanery Synod meets four times a year at one of the Deanery Churches. Each church appoints at least two Lay representatives to the Synod; these together with the licensed clergy of the Deanery, complete the Synod.

The Deanery Synod in it's turn, is represented on the Newcastle Diocesan Synod by up to three clergy and four lay representatives.

The Area Dean is the Reverend Dr Rob Kelsey, who is also the Vicar of Norham, and Priest in Charge, of Carham, Cornhill and Branxton.

The Lay Chairman of the Deanery Synod is John Ayerst.

The Secretary is Ian Corsie




Deanery Synod Meetings - 2018


 Deanery Meeting Calendar

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 Report from the Deanery Restructuring Group to

the Norham Deanery Synod meeting

on 23rd November 2015

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Deanery Pastoral Committee/Deanery Development Group

A new Pastoral Committee was appointed at the November 2012 meeting of the Deanery Synod. This will also act as the Deanery Development Group, (the Synods "Think Tank", to take an in depth look at important issues and propose courses of action to the Synod). 



 Northumberland Credit Union

Further information about the NCU HERE (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide for Priests, Deacons etc; available HERE (PDF)

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