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Northumberland Credit Union

An ethical helping hand for locals who may need some support.

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 2nd Peter Middlemiss Memorial Lecture 

Weds. 18th October 2017


Cancelled due to the ill health of the speaker


Rev'd Dr Pete Phillips



St Cuthbert’s Church Norham


Forget Me Not - The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit


7pm - Saturday 4th November

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Welcome to the Norham Deanery website

North Northumberland is rich in Christian heritage: it is the land of the Northumbrian Saints, notably St Aidan, who first created the mission base on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in the 7th century, and St Cuthbert, the beloved teacher, pastor and hermit who had such a profound effect on the character of Northumbria and the North of England. The parishes of the Norham Deanery still reflect something of that character in a land that has seen so much conflict between Scots and English, and between different Border Reiver families, over the centuries.This beautiful country of moorland hills and wooded valleys, long sandy beaches and fortified castles now lies in rugged tranquillity, it's many beautiful churches speaking eloquently of their long history. The Anglican churches of the Norham Deanery are part of the Diocese of Newcastle and include the following parishes:

Ancroft, Branxton, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Carham, Cornhill, Ford and Etal, Holy Island, Lowick, Norham, Scremerston, Spittal and Tweedmouth.


The Deanery Synod

The Synod draws together clergy and lay representatives from all the Anglican Churches in the Norham Deanery to discuss matters of mutual concern and interest. Given the nature of Northumberland, both urban and rural communities can gain support from others facing similar issues; and resources and experience can be shared to mutual benefit.

 The Church of England is one of the few bodies that has some presence in virtually every community in our area; it therefore has a special responsibility to be "the body of Christ", ministering to both spiritual and temporal needs. Logo



Room at the inn? Small charity HOST is seeking friendly people who would like to learn more about other countries and cultures and share their home life with adult international students at UK universities. Young adults from many countries would love to have a short homely break and discover the real life of this country.

Host Kit Millington-Hore wrote: “Meeting students from around the world is hugely fulfilling and satisfying. Watching their pleasure as you introduce them to our ways of living, particularly over Christmas, is extremely rewarding.”

Visits can be for a day, weekend, or four days at Christmas. Offering a Christmas invitation to someone who would otherwise be alone on a University campus can make a big difference. Invitations are urgently needed from volunteer hosts, no matter their age, or how far they live from a university.

To find out more, or to be put in touch with your local organiser, please visit or call 020 7739 6292.